About us

Pantheon LPS has established with the principle of creating one of the best lightning rods as affordable as possible. With years of experience in the sector of lightning protection systems and after thoroughly studying the problems associated with lightning overtime, our company was established with modern lightning protection technologies. Ionia Lightning Protection Systems produces products at the affordable cost and at the same time it offers higher quality than most of other companies.

As one of the leading companies in the field of lightning protection, Pantheon LPS has invested heavily in field and laboratory testing as part of its ongoing commitment to research and development. Throughout the product development of the Pantheon LPS, the proto-type models were subjected to intense testing under high voltage conditions. Following further refinements, the Pantheon LPS terminals were subjected to final testing by an independently accredited test laboratory which completed testing in full compliance with the French National standard NFC 17-102: 2011. The Final testing of Pantheon LPS ESE terminals showed effective performance as defined in this standard

Brief description of our ESE products

Materials : The metal components of the conductor rod, which carries the lightning are produced of stainless steel (304 grade ss chrome) to resist corrosion, acid rains and etc. This feature of the rod allows it to be durable against aging and external factors of nature. Working Principle: Pantheon DX series of lightning rods work in accordance with the principle of early streamer emission principle(ESE) Obtains its energy from the density changes between electrostatic and electromagnetic fields.
Our lightning rods have 3 main part